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I have been in the maintenance, renovation and construction fields in Tampa for 25 years and am experienced in all phases of construction from the ground up. I also have extensive knowledge of sprinklers, pools, decks, screen patios and more. Please give me the opportunity to provide you with the best inspection around. I am sure that you will be satisfied and gather a tremendous amount of knowledge about your investment.

With a full home inspection, you will receive a complimentary 92 page book entitled, "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection".

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Licenses / Credentials :

• Licensed Florida Home Inspector - FLH12567
• InterNACHI certified - NACHI11030406
• Member of International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants

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  • 4 Point Inspections
  • Home Inspections
  • Citizens Roof Inspections
  • Wind Mitigation

Choose the Right Home with a Tampa Home Inspection Service

When you're looking at a prospective home, it may seem to be just what you're looking for, but you'll need to consider potentially serious unknown defects. Plumbing, electrical wiring, appliances and roofing are just a few things. How can you be sure they're all in working order or in good condition? No one wants to purchase a home that will only leave them with "buyer’s remorse". A knowledgeable Tampa home inspection service can help to prevent that from happening. Home inspection services not only provide you with satisfaction on your purchase, they are also a mandatory requirement by all lending institutions before they provide a mortgage on your home. This is where a qualified Tampa home inspection establishment will come in handy.

While the Tampa home inspection service will locate areas in need of repair, they won’t be able to guarantee that they have detected every single problem in the house. If problems are found, you can walk away from the sale, ask the seller to make repairs, or even negotiate the selling price. You may have to decide if you want to handle the added cost of repairs to the house, especially if the current owner doesn’t concede to handling the expenses himself. There’s a good chance that your mortgage company will only agree to financing you after the repairs are made and the home is reinspected.

Tampa Home Inspection Service: Taking the Fear out of the Process

Many people find themselves worried and uneasy about a home inspection, as they do not know what’s involved. Your hard earned dollars could be lost to a bad investment, and that’s where a Tampa home inspection service steps in to protect you and your lender. The typical home buyer has no way of knowing if the home has underlying problems. While it’s common for people to fall in love with a beautiful home’s appearance, few consider that there is a lot you cannot see that can go wrong or is just about to. Buying a home is definitely not something you want to do on impulse. This is one time where you need to set your emotions aside and remain objective until the Tampa home inspection service has given the home a complete check.

The Tampa home inspection service can give you a thorough and unbiased report on the condition of the home you’re interested in purchasing. Specific problems, areas that require repair and the overall condition of the house will be assessed by the home inspector. It may be a good idea to attend the inspection. Any existing problems and areas that might pose a future problem can be pointed out to you first-hand by the home inspector. Doing a walk through with the Tampa home inspection service can give you some insight as to how certain systems in the home work.

Tampa Home Inspection Service: The Home Inspection Process

Home inspections normally take about three hours, but that could change based on the size and intricacy of the house concerned. The exterior of the home is where the inspection usually starts. There should be no large cracks in the foundation, and the surrounding area should slope away slightly for good drainage. While windows should fit their frames tightly, the exterior and trim of the house should be free of any flaws. The gutters or downspouts should be free of holes and debris. A visual check should be carried out by the Tampa home inspection service to identify any loose shingles or tiles and to check for any gaps in the chimney or vents. An inspection of the attic should show no signs of leaks.

The Tampa home inspection service will then continue to the interior of the home. Heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems all form part of the interior inspection. Most problems with these systems are not something you can readily see, and the average homeowner would have a hard time detecting a problem. A Tampa home inspection service can save you literally thousands in potential repairs.

The kitchen appliances will also be checked by the inspector to ascertain their condition. He will also look at cabinet hinges and drawer glides to make certain that they are all in good condition. An inspection of the attic insulation will also be performed, along with windows and exterior doors, to make certain that the home is energy efficient.

Tampa Home Inspection Service: A Necessary Part of any Home Purchase

Once the inspector has completed the job, any findings will be shown to you with a detailed written report. If problematic areas are identified, you should use the chance to renegotiate with the current homeowner or cancel your offer altogether. The majority of homeowners will be agreeable to either carrying out the repairs themselves, or to renegotiate the price. The home’s asking price will now be open to renegotiation, since the Tampa home inspector’s report is with you.

A very necessary part of any home purchase is the home inspection itself. The price you’ll pay for a Tampa home inspection service is insignificant when you consider the money it will save you in repairs. Acquiring a new home is likely to be the biggest purchase you will ever make. Let a Tampa home inspection service help you make the right choice.

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